10 Movies That Take Themselves Way Too Seriously

There are good movies in here somewhere. 

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Every film is made with a different intention, and there are times when that intention clashes with the finished product.

Whether it wants to be funny but is trying too hard, epic but loses sight of its central conflict, or dumb-fun turned far too melodramatic, some films simply fail to grasp the tone they want or should be aiming for. Such is the case with the following films, which think far too highly of themselves.

From comedies straining to make a timely joke about modern life to silly action flicks that have become far too self-aware for their own good, each of these films completely lost sight of the story they were actually telling, and the results leave very little to be desired.

With that in mind, then, here are 10 films that think themselves far too seriously, for better and for worse...

10. The Room (2003)

In Time
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Before we get into the films that actually suffer because of how seriously they take themselves, it feels appropriate to mention The Room, the perfect example of a film boosted to unintentional greatness by its self-seriousness.

Written, directed, produced and edited by its star Tommy Wiseau, The Room is the pinnacle of cult classic trash, an objectively terrible film about a love triangle too convoluted and unnatural to effectively follow.

Thanks to Wiseau's bizarre script, though, the intensity of the story is actually its saving grace, making every aspect of the film -- from its oddly unfinished subplots, melodramatic acting, discomforting sex scenes and ugly visuals -- extremely entertaining.

The ultimate "so bad it's good" movie ever made, The Room takes itself too seriously, but that's what makes it such an enduring piece of cinema.


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