10 Movies That Totally Destroyed You

5. Up

Up Carl Ellie Dies
Disney Pixar

When thinking of movies that leave you a hollowed out mess, sitting alone in the dark gently rocking back and forth, it's usually the end that has caused it, or at least a recurring feeling across the movie.

Up, though - y'know, the film that's ostensibly *for kids* - manages it in its opening 15 minutes, with a montage telling the love story of Carl and Ellie that is more romantic, emotionally affecting, poignant, and devastating than most 'adult' movies manage in two hours.

It begins as a heart-warming tale of falling in love, sharing dreams, and growing old together, which turns into a heart-wrenching echo of loss and loneliness. However, as much as that opening is guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues, you'll be going back to the box by the end of the movie too.

Much of what follows might be a relatively light-hearted romp, but its messaging, and the journey it takes Carl on as he finally gets to realise his dreams, make the kind of connection he'd given up on, and honour Ellie's memory, culminates in beautiful fashion, although at least this time it isn't tears of sadness.


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