10 Movies That Totally Lied To You

Artistic vision and facts are all well and good, but they often get in the way of a catchy title.

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There's an old joke that one can become rich by suing the author of The Neverending Story because it actually does end. And, for a time, it was believed that someone had actually done that. There was indeed a lawsuit levied against the creators of the film over the title, but that was brought by Michael Ende. Literary minds may recognize him as the author of The Neverending Story, and he sued because his creation had been so badly mangled that he wanted the title to be changed.

While nobody has gotten rich by suing over The Neverending Story having a misleading title, there are plenty of other get rich quick opportunities out there as Hollywood has been adding misleading titles almost as long as they've been making films there.

Some of these were made in a time when research was a lot harder than hitting up Wikipedia, and could see their titular islands placed east of Java rather than the more accurate west. Others had famous titles that couldn't be changed, even if their park was full of Cretaceous-era dinosaurs. And then there is the simple fact that Precinct 13 sounds just a bit cooler than Precinct 9, Division 13 where the actual assault took place.

So, for those of you looking to go to court and make millions, here are 10 more films with misleading titles.


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