10 Movies That Tried To Fool You Into Thinking An Actor Was In The Film

9. Bruce Lee - Game Of Death

Game Of Death
Golden Harvest

Though many people are likely clued up on the fact that Bruce Lee infamously passed away just before the legendary Enter the Dragon landed on our screens in 1973, it often gets overlooked that the star was actually mid-way through shooting another project at the time.

The iconic star had already produced forty minutes worth of footage for Game of Death before the project was immediately put on ice whilst he got to work on Enter the Dragon. Then, five years on from his passing, director Robert Clouse decided that he wanted to complete the film that Lee himself had been directing up until that point.

Needing to work around the fact that his leading man was no longer with us, Clouse utilised footage from some of Lee's older work, and also combined shots from the actor's genuine funeral in order to guide the project in the direction he was now taking it.

Stand-ins were also convincingly used to play Lee's character of Billy Lo at certain points too. Saying that, on one awkward occasion in the flick, it is painfully obvious that a Bruce Lee cardboard cutout is being used in the reflection of a mirror... but, at least they tried!


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