10 Movies That Turned Out Nothing Like You Were Expecting

3. The Guest

The Dark Tower Idris Elba

After Spencer and Laura Peterson's marine son Caleb is killed in Afghanistan they struggle to cope with their loss, but the arrival of his former squadmate and best friend David Collins seems to soften the blow.

David comes across as kind, charming and dedicated to helping the family as The Guest appears to set itself up as one of those films - uplifting, positive and all that jazz.

But things take a turn for the darker when David helps his fallen comrade's younger brother out with a bully problem, leaving the original aggressors with terrible injuries.

And after a blossoming romance with Caleb's sister turns Fatal Attraction, it becomes apparent that The Guest isn't the heartwarming lesson in love and loss it was made out to be.

The movie arrived on the scene to little fanfare and its subject matter and endgame caught everyone off guard.


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