10 Movies That Wasted Their Best Weapon

9. The Noisy Cricket - Men In Black

Vanderohe Army Of The Dead Omari Hardwick
Columbia Pictures

The Noisy Cricket is a teeny, tiny gun handed to Agent J (Will Smith) as his starter weapon in Men in Black, much to his initial disappointment.

But J soon realises the comically disproportionate power of the weapon when he fires it at a fleeing Edgar the Bug (Vincent D'Onofrio), causing all the fiery damage of a moderately-sized explosive, with accompanying recoil which sends J flying backwards several feet.

Despite the colossal damage it deals, J oddly doesn't use the Noisy Cricket throughout the rest of the movie, most bizarrely keeping it in his pocket during the final battle with the bug, relying on Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) to finish the job from with the bug's stomach instead.

If J had just popped him in the face with the Noisy Cricket from a sensible distance, they could've both avoided being drenched in bug juice.


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