10 Movies That Were Nearly Lost Completely

Films that were once missing, now finally returned to the public.


The worst thing that can happen to the film world is a movie becoming lost: destroyed, misplaced, or simply left to rot in a vault, never to be seen by a potential audience. It’s a tragedy for cinephiles, and it has happened quite a few times in the past with films such as London After Midnight and the Terror.

However, nothing is more interesting to film history buffs than when a film thought gone forever winds up in the strangest of places: in the hands of collectors, in the sheds of the filmmakers themselves, or on the hard drive of an employee who thought to back up the project when nobody else did.

Nowadays, with the advent of digital production, the phenomenon of rediscovered films is becoming a thing of the past. Nonetheless, the stories behind the finding of ‘lost’ films are quite fascinating, despite such events being incredibly rare. Whatever the reason, some films only get to survive to this day through complete chance, whereupon cult distributors snap up the opportunity to release such gems to eagerly-awaiting fans. These were the lucky few.

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