10 Movies That Were So Bad You Couldn't Even Get Angry

More like frustration, boredom and often an overwhelming sense of sheer apathy.

Rise Of Skywalker

While the entire filmography of Uwe Boll might try and claim otherwise, nobody sets out to make a bad movie on purpose.

There's a number of factors that can lead to something turning out quite differently from the way it was originally intended. It could be a director that isn't suited to either the material or the budget they're working with, a script that's nowhere near good enough, the fingerprints of heavy-handed studio interference or simply a bad idea that inexplicably managed to sneak its way past everyone before landing on the screen with a thud.

History is littered with bad movies that were so terrible they made people angry, with audiences incredulous at what they've just witnessed whether it be a botched adaptation of something they hold dear to them, wince-inducing violence that's there just to generate a reaction without serving the story, or Movie 43.

Then there's the ones that you can't get mad at because you know exactly what you're getting into, movies you know are going to be terrible before you even see them based on tales of behind-the-scenes woe, stars acting like entitled divas or just the pitch itself, but yet somehow you still can't look away.

10. The Emoji Movie

Rise Of Skywalker
Sony Pictures Animation

The Emoji Movie is quite possibly the most cynical thing that's ever come out of Hollywood, and that's saying something. The best animated features appeal to both children and adults alike, with this abomination against cinema marking one of the few times that both demographics were equally unimpressed.

As we all know, Sir Patrick Stewart is an all-round good egg and one of the nicest guys out there, but casting him as a literal piece of sh*t is the least of The Emoji Movie's worries. Everything about it is terrible, from the writing to the voice performances down to the bog-standard 'be yourself' message buried under some of the most blatant product placement this side of a Michael Bay movie.

Incredibly, the movie made almost $220m worldwide despite positive reviews being as rare as Vin Diesel without a tank top, but you can't get mad about how irredeemably awful it is because anyone with half a brain knew from the second it was announced that The Emoji Movie only existed as a vehicle to mass market the smartphone industry to impressionable youngsters.


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