10 Movies That Were Totally Different To What Anyone Expected

K3F_9441.NEF In this day and age, one in which the word "originality" seems to exist purely as a way to induce heart attacks in movie executives, Hollywood seems to thrive on the act of making films in the vein of "not surprising you." Desperate to appeal to the largest audience haul possible with each and every venture, the idea of giving people something special or new or unexpected is often treated with a comptemptous attitude. Like it or not, there's a stigma attached to projects which purposely set out to avoid convention. Still, you can always trick people using the trailer or the marketing, can't you? And occasionally this does happen. Hollywood, frightened that something they've churned out might not meet the expectations of the masses, might choose to promote a movie in a light that does anything but show us what the movie we're paying to see is actually like. It's not always a misleading trailer, though: sometimes, having been familiar with actors or directors already, we can delude ourselves into thinking that we know what we're getting next. To celebrate the unexpected, here are 10 movies which dared to be totally different to what we imagined them to be before we went into the theatre and found ourselves frowning, "Huh? This is totally not what I expected!" Note: There are spoilers for almost all of the movies mentioned in this article, so watch out. I've tried to keep them to a minimum where possible, though.

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