10 Movies The Rest Of The Franchise Completely Ignored

Bond With franchises ruling the box office, it€™s common practice for fans to disown some of the less loved entries. Don€™t like the latest from your favourite series? Then just pretend it doesn't exist. This can be taken to ridiculous levels with some die hard Star Wars fans simply pretending the prequels don€™t exist. It€™s not just fans who are at it, though. When a reboot seems too rash or a particularly bad entry needs to be exorcised, sometimes the franchise itself will just disown the offending film. In theory this makes a lot of sense - save the time and fan backlash of re-envisioning the world and bringing in a new cast by just saying it didn't happen - yet it€™s not without problems; how do you market a series where vast chunks don€™t count? Here are ten of those franchises that looked back at their worst entries and, like the fans, went €œnah€.

Honourable Mention - Toy Story 3 Ignores All The Development In Toy Story 2

Ts2 This obviously couldn't be placed on the full list because even at my most jaded, I have to admit Toy Story 3 doesn't pretend its previous entry doesn't exist; Jessie and Bullseye are present and enough references are made to make it clear the writers watched Toy Story 2 once or twice before making the threequel. But it has to be mentioned here that while 3 has all the hallmarks of being in the same world as 2, it completely ignores the message of the first sequel. After flirting with the collectors market, Woody decides to accept the short time he has with Andy for what it is. Jump forward ten years and he seems genuinely shocked to learn his owner€™s grown up. Three years on, this still bothers me and makes you wonder why he didn't plan for it a bit more.

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