10 Movies They Didn't Know How To End

Written into a corner.

Speed Keanu Reeves Sandra Bullock

If you've ever tried to write a movie for yourself, you'll surely appreciate that it's no picnic. Making everything slot together in a way that's satisfying, entertaining, smart and well-paced is incredibly challenging, so it's little surprise how many movies fail to keep it together.

It's never more frustrating, though, when a movie boasts a great concept and gets so, so many things right, but struggles when it comes to the most important part - the climax.

These 10 films, each enormously intriguing in their own right, found their respective screenwriters scrambling to write themselves out of a corner and leave the audience with a satisfying ending.

And though in most cases the ending doesn't fully derail the film, it's consistently a low-point across these movies, demonstrating that a killer set-up isn't enough - you need to know where to take it.

In some of these films the solutions are infuriatingly obvious, while in others, it's clear why the writers agonised so much over how to wrap things up...

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