10 Movies To Blame For The Current State Of Movies

The cynical nostalgia awakens.

Star Wars Nostalgia Bait

Depending on who you believe, we're either in the end-times for movies as Disney continues its crusade to monopolise Hollywood, or there's never been more choice available at your fingertips.

What's undeniable is that the film industry has always been driven by trends: The Matrix made every movie studio obsessed with CGI-slathered slow-motion for a solid five years before "grit" came back into fashion, for example.

And to be fair, many recent "trends" have actually been healthy for the industry: a major uptick in representation, if we can even call it a trend, is a net positive for everyone, while video game movies are finally showing the source material the respect they deserve.

But film fans will always find something to complain about, because of course, Hollywood is an endlessly complex behemoth driven by one thing above all else: money.

These 10 trends are very much indicative of movie studios relentlessly chasing dollars over fresh ideas, to the extent that it actively harms filmmaking as an art.

There is, naturally, plenty of well-earned criticism for Disney here, but at the same time, we enjoyed Avengers: Endgame as much as the next person, so most of these issues rest gingerly on a sharp, double-edged sword...


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