10 Movies Totally Ruined By Test Audiences

9. Death Becomes Her

Scott Pilgrim

Now recognised as a camp cult classic with a goofy macabre tone not unlike of a feature-length episode of Tales from the Crypt, Death Becomes Her flopped hard at the time of its release. Robert Zemeckis’ horror/comedy/sort-of-melodrama/satire had trouble connecting with audiences who couldn’t find sure footing in its mercurial tone.

However, early test audiences did single out one problem across the board. Unfortunately, this resulted in one of the film’s better qualities being lost. Amidst the duelling divas of Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis plays an uncharacteristically nebbish pushover in a funny performance which shows off his underutilized comic chops.

The original ending saw him run away with a waitress played by Tracey Ullman, giving us a glimpse into their wedded bliss years later before his now-disintegrating love interests manage to track him down. In a rare twist, test audiences actually thought this ending was too happy, resulting in the ending we got which cuts instead to his funeral decades later with the remnants of both former paramours in attendance.


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