10 Movies & TV Shows You Can No Longer Watch

9. Pink Flamingos

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John Waters' 1972 cult classic exploitation film Pink Flamingos may not be as mainstream or award-winning as other films on this list, but it has nevertheless endured as a thoroughly admired indie curio over almost 50 years.

Despite its reputation as one of the most infamously trashy movies of all time, Pink Flamingos isn't available to stream anywhere, nor has it ever been made available on Blu-ray.

Your only way to source the movie at present is to track down the 2004 DVD release, and while some might argue that it makes for fittingly grotty viewing considering the nature of the material, there are many who would love to see the film remastered for a Blu-ray release.

Hell, why not make it 4K UHD?

Though there have been whispers of an impending Blu-ray release for the last few years, nothing has materialised as of yet. Considering other John Waters flicks like Multiple Maniacs, Polyester and Female Trouble have hit the Criterion Collection, here's hoping this one does too.


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