10 Movies WAY Darker Than Originally Advertised

9. Bridge To Terabithia

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When Rugrats creator Gabor Csupo's coming of age fantasy adventure Bridge to Terabithia was released in cinemas in 2007, the film seemed like just another other Harry Potter rip-off, but it wasn't. It was different, and so were the kids coming of age in the film.

Adapted from author Katherine Paterson's acclaimed novel of the same name, the film followed the adventures of Jesse and Leslie, a pair of bullied kids who find solace from their largely miserable small-town existences in the make believe world of the title. The movie is a cute, moving bit of fantasy fun as the duo grow to be close friends via their adventures in the fantasyland.

The director's imaginative realisation of the eponymous Terabithia is lush and a joy to look at, and stars Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb put in two astounding performances as the precocious pair of protagonists.

Then the little girl straight up dies.

Yep, after over an hour of sweet kid's film fantasy, Bridge to Terabithia lands an unbelievably tragic and brutally realistic ending on unsuspecting audiences. It's undeniably effective film making and the film remains a stellar piece of harrowing fantasy drama, but god love the poor parents who brought their little ones to the cinema expecting some light hearted fantasy fun.


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