10 Movies Weirdly Changed In Foreign Countries

In Germany, Home Alone got a completely fake spin-off...

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Sofia Coppola's haunting, lonely film Lost in Translation or just a youtube search of Japanese commercials featuring North American celebrities can give you a good sense of just how much can be miscommunicated between languages and cultures. It's something the business world endless has its copywriters expound upon: how to incorporate globalization into your industry to maximize profits and other, similarly titled webinars that make any sane office drone's eyes bleed.

But film was an international proposition from the jump, ever since the Lumiere Bros. premiered their invention in Paris and took it on a world tour.

As storytelling techniques and the medium has evolved, however, so too has the market - now representative of countless languages, nations and age demographics. With all of that information, an imported product like a film may take on a different context in its newfound home.

As a result of a lack of cultural understanding, some political concerns and some bizarrely inventive marketing, these are how films came across in other countries.


10. Pizza Hut Replaced Taco Bell Outside The USA - Demolition Man

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Sylvester Stallone recently made headlines when he teased us with the possibility of a Demolition Man sequel. The original, from 1993, is renowned for being shockingly prescient; predicting the rise in both political correctness and Arnold Schwarzenegger's rise in government. It did, however, leave audiences frustrated, spending years trying to figure out the long-held mystery of the three sea shells.

The film looks like a greenlight, which is great news for fansBut European audiences might be confused if the sequel doesn't keep the continuity of the international version, which has Pizza Hut surviving the "Franchise Wars" (a prequel waiting to happen), which led to some digital changes to restaurant logos and dubbed dialogue.

If one is to look closely, however, you can still spot a few Taco Bells rebelliously fighting to stay alive.

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