10 Movies Where Logic Lost

9. Iron Man 2

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Marvel Studios

The first major event that took place in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was the bombing that saw Tony Stark inflicted with several tiny pieces of shrapnel trying every second to claw their way into his heart. This paved the way for the arc reactor to both keep him alive and power a suit of armour, giving birth to Iron Man.

By Stark's second solo movie however, the reactor had started to turn on Iron Man, and though it was keeping the shrapnel at bay, it was poisoning him. A large part of the movie's narrative revolved around Tony looking for an alternative power source to the palladium core that was killing him.

It is only in retrospect, looking back on the events of Iron Man 2 several years later that highlight Tony Stark's gap in logic. He spent all this time on a freight train towards death thanks to the arc reactor, but why didn't he just have the shrapnel removed like he did at the end of Iron Man 3? Was this not an option all along?

Though the reactor was powering his early Iron Man suits, once he relieved himself of the power source at the end of his solo trilogy, he had absolutely no trouble suiting up again in Age of Ultron, Civil War, and beyond. Why not just do this one movie earlier and avoid dicing with death?


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