10 Movies Where The Director Hated The Source Material

Sam Raimi was no fan of Venom.

Spider-Man 3
Sony Pictures Releasing

It goes without saying that any movie adapted from existing material should come from a place of respect, even love, for the source, because nine times out of ten, that's where the best cinematic results are produced.

But every so often, a movie will hit cinemas adapted from a novel, comic, prior movie or existing property, and the filmmaker actually has precious little reverence for the source whatsoever.

Whether arrogantly wishing to place their own "stamp" on the IP or hoping to cleverly subvert problematic material, these films all deviated significantly from their inspiration, either for better or worse.

While in some cases the end result is still a good or even great piece of work, the riskiness of departing from the instigating piece of media speaks for itself, and unsurprisingly, in many instances it left either fans or the original creator (or both) fuming.

It takes a uniquely skilled filmmaker to get away with "betraying" what came before, and so, unsurprisingly, that thinly-veiled contempt for the source material often transpires through to the final movie itself. Awkward...


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