10 Movies Where The First Scene Is The Best

These movies grabbed everybody from the opening scene - and were never better.

Spectre Opening

First impressions certainly count for a lot, and so it makes absolute sense that most movies want to deliver an opening scene that immediately gets the viewer's attention.

Now, there are many films where the first scene is immeasurably better than the rest, though these 10 movies are largely thoroughly entertaining throughout, even if they're never able to quite reach the brilliance of their opening once again.

The filmmakers evidently knew they had a great hook for the rest of the film, an eye-opening sequence that'd immediately engage just about everyone watching, even if it also meant nothing would match it for the remainder.

From action films that peaked in their first 10 minutes to horror movies that dished up their most terrifying sequence right away, and a certain franchise blockbuster that got the best stuff out of the way before the credits had even rolled, the first scenes in these 10 films are surely the very best.

Again, most of them are still good movies in the very least, but that terrific opening arguably set some unrealistic expectations for what was to follow...

10. Bumblebee

Spectre Opening

Bumblebee surprisingly turned out to be a pretty solid spin-off/prequel/reboot of Michael Bay's Transformers series, even if it absolutely peaked in its first four minutes.

While the bulk of the film is a fun enough action-adventure romp focused on a teenage girl, Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), bonding with Bumblebee while he's on the run from a secret government agency, the opening is on a whole other level indeed.

The first scene takes place on Cybertron as the Autobots stage a desperate last stand against the Decepticons while readying to evacuate the planet.

Eventually, Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) instructs Bee to land on Earth and set up a base there, while he stays behind to continue the fight.

It's a short but oh-so-sweet sequence clearly made by a team with a lot of love for the Transformers IP.

Beyond the stunning VFX, it looks exactly how a CGI translation of the animated series should, and made it immediately clear the film would be considerably more reverent to the source than the divisive Bay films.

Sure, it's a shame the whole damn movie couldn't have been like this, but this opening isn't just the best scene in Bumblebee - it's the best scene in any Transformers film.


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