10 Movies Where The Hero Should've Died

How did they survive that???

Star Wars

While watching a movie, we safely assume the hero is going to make it out alive. Whether our protagonist is facing a daunting foe, a vast army, or an entire empire, we have no doubts who is going to come out on top.

Now, there are some occasions where the lead character bows out during the climax. Tony Stark, The Terminator, Ellen Ripley, and Bing-Bong all sacrificed themselves for the greater good (still not over Bing-Bong). Even though it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to these guys, it benefited the story overall.

But sometimes, you feel like the film would've worked better if it concluded with our hero taking the big sleep. If there are numerous signs the story is going to conclude with our lead kicking the bucket, you feel cheated when they don't.

It's also hard to accept it when we see our hero pull through, after suffering a fate no one could live through. When you watch someone get riddled in bullets, fall 5,000 feet, or blow up, it doesn't make any sense how they're still standing.

Here are ten movies that would've worked in the story's favour if the hero died.

10. Chev Chelios - Crank

Star Wars

Sometimes, it makes sense for the hero to die in a movie, purely because it benefits the narrative. But the hero of Crank needed to die for one reason - it's literally impossible to survive his fate!

In the closing moments, ex-hitman, Chev Chelios, (best name ever) faces his arch-nemesis, Verona, while on a helicopter. In the struggle, the two men are hurled out of the vehicle, seemingly giving Chelios zero chance of survival.

After falling about a mile or two, Chelios slams full-force onto the roof of a car, causing him bounce another 50ft in the air before slamming onto the concrete road. Despite the fact Chelios should be reduced to a liquified paste, he blinks, proving he has yet to shuffle off his mortal coil.

Here's the issue - if the filmmakers intended Chelios to return in the sequel, why didn't they make him land on something a smidge more survivable than a metallic roof? Why didn't the film conclude with him falling into a swimming pool? Or a haystack? Or a mattress factory? Without exaggeration, it would've been less farfetched for him to survive landing on almost anything else!

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