10 Movies Whose Subplots Needed More Focus

10 movies that would've been much better off if we'd spent more time with what was really interesting.

Let's travel back to 2009 - perhaps with the help of Kitty Pryde - and ask one simple question: why does the world need a Wolverine spin-off? Did he not get enough screen-time in the first three movies of the franchise? Hugh Jackman's character was involved in every major plot point of the X-Men films early on, and it seemed at the time like a wasted opportunity, when another one of the mutants could have had their story told. Luckily, the producers learned from this, and gave us X-Men: First Class; a reboot with a plethora of characters and fascinating subplots to be explored. Because man cannot survive on just one story alone, directors gave us subplots; smaller stories to trickle alongside the main action, lending support to the main characters and keeping us interested in two, or more, different sets of characters. And often, these subplots are more exciting than the main story; it's not just X-Men that combines a number of intriguing personal stories into one epic tale. Whilst directors get so caught up with the complications of a big, blockbuster story, they often forget the simpler stories, propping the film up. Some subplots are a welcome relief, and they deserve as much praise as the bigger picture. Here are 10 movies that could've been improved by working on the sub-stories, whether they were already good films, or dire movies in need of all the help they can get...

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