10 Movies With Post-Credits Scenes That Change Everything

Sometimes the end of the movie is only just the beginning.

The post-credits sequence can be a pretty fun aspect of filmmaking. It€™s a way to give audiences a nice little bonus and a bit of an incentive to stay through the end and read the names of everyone involved in the production. A lot of times, these scenes are just fun, throwaway gags that aren't vital to the plot. There€™s the end of the Airplane credits, which shows the guy in the taxi who has been waiting for the entire length of the film. Of course there€™s the famous end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where Ferris breaks the fourth wall and tells us all to go home. Pixar often has something fun at the end of their movies, like an extra piece of animation at the end of Finding Nemo with the anglerfish, but these are by no means essential. But then there are post-credits scenes that are so mind blowing and significant to the plot, you€™re actually missing out on a major part of the movie if you leave as soon as the film ends. We€™ve been seeing this more and more lately with superhero movies, but it€™s not exclusive to that genre. It€™s getting to the point where, for some films, leaving before the end of the credits is like leaving before the last scene. For a few of these, if you missed the extra scene, it's like you saw a different movie. From scenes that reveal characters to still be alive to scenes that resolve major plot threads, here are 10 of the most significant, mind blowing post credits scenes in non-superhero films. For our purposes, we€™ll consider a post-credits sequence to be anything that happens after the film has ended and the credits have started to roll.

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