10 Movies With Ridiculously Subtle Foreshadowing That Nobody Noticed

Se7en is even more ingenious than you thought.

Se7en Brad Pitt Morgan Freeman
New Line Cinema

Foreshadowing can be a fantastic tool when it's used smartly, to nod subtly towards a character's fate or a late-film plot twist, often in a way that audiences only pick up on in subsequent viewings.

It will seem totally insignificant at the time, but to a trained eye on a rewatch, it'll rouse a lightbulb flash of recognition, that the filmmaker ingeniously embedded a hint towards a major plot development later in the movie.

It's tough to foreshadow something in a way that doesn't give the game away but is also recognisable by general audiences in retrospect, and in the case of these movies, the foreshadowing was so damn sneaky that just about nobody ever noticed it.

But with some help from the fine folks at /r/MovieDetails, it's time to shine a light on these time all-timer feats of cinematic foreshadowing, each leaving a ludicrously sly hint of coming events hidden in plain sight.

From hinted-at death scenes to plot twists spelled out right at the start of the movie, these deliciously prophetic movie moments passed just about everybody by, but now you'll never be able to un-see them...

10. Ms. Lewton's Stained-Glass Window Foretells Her Death-By-Knife - Final Destination

Se7en Brad Pitt Morgan Freeman
New Line Cinema

The Final Destination franchise is all about foreshadowing, and while there's nothing subtle about each film's protagonist witnessing a premonition of their own demise, filmmakers throughout the series have included more sly nods to characters' fates.

The original movie is especially great for this, and though it's been well-documented that the opening plane crash sequence includes sly visual nods hinting at the deaths of several prominent characters, there's one hidden in plain sight much later in the movie.

Teacher Ms. Lewton (Kristen Cloke) meets her untimely demise mid-way through the film in spectacularly OTT fashion, being fatally impaled by a kitchen knife before her house explodes.

The scene misdirects audiences to make them believe she's more likely going to be killed by her mug leaking liquid into her computer monitor, but the truth is illustrated directly behind Ms. Lewton at this moment.

Check out the stained-glass window behind her as she approaches her smoking monitor - there's a single knife blade featured, as delivers her darkly comedic demise a few moments later when she accidentally knocks a knife off the kitchen worktop into her chest.

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