10 Movies You Can Never Admit You Haven't Seen

Some films have earned such a great reputation there's really no excuse for having missed them.

No two film fans share exactly the same list of movies they consider to be absolutely essential viewing. As the saying goes, one person's pleasure is another person's pain, and it would be nothing if not boring if everyone shared the same cinematic tastes. That said, while some people might lean more towards horror and others are huge fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are some films which everyone claims to have seen regardless of their specific tastes. These are the movies that top the critics' lists of the best movies of all time - the classics which have helped to shape the way movies are made and the way we view them. No matter how much someone declares themselves a fan of movies, there's always a chance that they've yet to see a film which really should have been on their watch list a long time ago. Whether or not they'll readily admit they haven't seen it is another matter - all too often a person will nod their head in agreement about what a masterpiece such a classic is, while at the same time keeping their fingers crossed in the hope that no one questions them about a particular scene and exposes them as a cinephile faker. The following list covers ten movies which are considered essential viewing which no one will admit they haven't seen.

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