10 Movies You Can Never Finish

Nobody made it through these films.

A Serbian Film
Contra Film

How hard can it be to just sit down and watch a movie, right? As it turns out, in the age of social media, where we all have tiny computers in our pockets, it's actually pretty challenging, yeah.

Sometimes movies just don't know when to end or start moving things along, and the result can be a thoroughly disinterested audience, who perhaps bails out long before the film has actually finished.

Similarly, there are films shocking and offensive enough that most viewers simply cannot be compelled to carry on, feeling that their time is better spent doing almost anything else.

These 10 films, whether bloated, self-indulgent endurance trials or nauseatingly outrageous shock value romps, are all immensely gruelling sits to the point that few have actually seen them through to the very end. Without using toothpicks to prop their eyelids open, anyway.

And to be clear, we're not including comically overlong art-house movies like Andy Warhol's Empire or Béla Tarr's Satantango on this list, because that's just cheating...


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