10 Movies You Can't Remember Who The Villain Really Was

Wait, who?

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What is any movie without conflict, and by extension, what is any movie without a villain?

Though it's understandable that most films invest far more effort in developing their heroes, it can often be at the expense of delivering a compelling or well-rounded Big Bad.

Now, this isn't always a mistake, nor is it always bad storytelling. Sure, it can be the fault of a writer who just didn't care enough to give the hero an interesting villain to fight, but sometimes it's actually a narrative function that the antagonist takes a backseat to the protagonist.

And so whether for better or worse, these 10 movies all served up villains which almost immediately evaporated into the ether, remembered by practically nobody.

If someone showed you a single picture of these antagonists, you'd almost certainly struggle to name them, either due to how poorly they were written or how utterly insignificant they were in the scope of the movie itself.

While we all wish we could forget the terrible likes of Justice League's Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) and Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom (Toby Kebbell), you'll probably develop a migraine trying to remember who these 10 villains were...

10. Dark Phoenix

Layer Cake Daniel Craig

The final mainline entry into Fox's X-Men continuity was, to be kind, a total mess, and this was never more evident than with its totally flat depiction of Jessica Chastain's shape-shifting alien antagonist.

It's fair to say that 99% of people who watched the film probably couldn't even name her character. Chastain plays Vuk, a member of the D'Bari race, yet both her character's name and her race are only ever mentioned once over the course of the entire movie.

Considering that the film's called Dark Phoenix and focuses on Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) struggle to control her Phoenix Force powers, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that she was egged on by a villain at all.

Jean Grey turning rogue (no pun intended) and threatening to destroy the world would've been plenty villainy for one movie, but for reasons which will likely never become clear, writer-director Simon Kinberg threw in an hilariously underdeveloped extra antagonist who was supposed to be the true villain.

Considering Vuk's total lack of personality and boring motivations, nobody could be blamed for failing to remember she's even a part of the movie.

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