10 Movies You Didn't Know Contained Illuminati Symbolism

10. Hydra Is A Metaphor For The Secret Society - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

When most people watch comic book movie adaptations they tend to think of the stories as entirely works of fiction. While for the most part this is the case, more than a few people soaked in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and came up with some in-depth conspiracy-minded conclusions. The first thing that most people noticed about The Winter Soldier was how much of an improvement it was over the previous film - perhaps less noticed was what many called a clear comparison between Hydra and the Illuminati and their New World Order agenda. Tying the Illuminati to the post-war actions of the Nazis - many of whom did actually become integrated into the American system via programs such as Operation Paperclip - they suggest that the entire movie is a metaphor for secret society infiltration into the upper echelons of American miltary and intelligence agencies. Another Illuminati-related theme often cited is the secretive CIA mind control program, MK-Ultra - here, both the Winter Soldier and Captain America himself are said to be products of such programs. Perhaps none of these comparisons are surprising, given that the writers themselves have said the script was influenced by 1970's conspiracy thrillers.

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