10 Movies You Didn't Realise You Were Following The Villain

That moment when you figure out the "hero" is the villain.

Looper Bruce Willis
TriStar Pictures

We've all had those moments where we're watching a movie and, all of a sudden, we realise that the person we thought we were rooting for...isn't such a good guy.

Sometimes a character will slowly mutate over the course of a movie, or a last-minute plot twist might entirely re-shape our perspective on the supposed hero, while in some cases we may not even realise the truth until a third, fourth, fifth, or tenth viewing, after the subtext and reality of the story has fully settled in.

These 10 movie characters were all initially presented as the ones audiences were supposed to cheer on, only for a breaking point to make it clear that this was no longer the case...

Context is everything, of course, but considering all that these characters get up to throughout their respective movies, it's tough to call them heroes or really hold them in much of a favourable regard at all.

That doesn't make them bad characters, and often that ambiguity was entirely the point of these movies, but it did result in audience expectations being flipped in the most spectacularly surprising ways...


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