10 Movies You Had No Idea Were Based On Comic Books

road to perdition Over the past couple of years it has been almost impossible to go to the cinema without there being some form of a comic book adaptation on, with each film being heralded with a big budget and a lot of nerd-buzz meaning that nine times out of ten it would recoup its budget if nothing else. But believe it or not there was a time when nerd culture didn't = big box office, and comic book adaptations were a huge gamble for film studios with them often focusing on the more adult/non-superhero material out there. Here we've listed 10 movies which you might not realise were originally comics...

10. Ghost World

Ghost_world A cult film from 2001 starring Thora Birch (as Enid) and a pre A-List Scarlett Johansson (as Rebecca), Ghost World told the story of the trials and tribulations of two cynical social outcasts during the summer after their high school graduation. The two girls slowly drift apart following a prank on Seymour (played by Steve Buscemi) who replies to a personal ad placed by the girls, as Enid feels sorry for him and begins to spend an increasing amount of time with him while also attending a remedial art class and Rebecca starts a job at a fast-food outlet. The source material was originally released in 1997, written and illustrated by Daniel Clowes (who co-wrote the films screenplay), and was a huge underground hit. The adaptation follows the source material in theme and tone, diverging only really in its ending and with the introduction of the Seymour storyline, with the main tension in the comic being over Enid's plan to go to college and the love triangle that forms between the two girls and their friend Josh. Both the comic and the film are a great portrayal and analysis of Generation X-ers relationships, outlooks and life albeit they are as disconnected as you would expect that to feel.
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