10 Movies You Hated Before You Even Saw Them

Why bother seeing a film when you can hate it unconditionally?

Noah Russell Crowe

Not to go all Matrix Reloaded on you, but film criticism is a great example of causality. You watch a film of a certain quality and you form an opinion. Cause (whether the film is good) and effect (what you think). Simple, right?

Unfortunately, sometimes it operates a bit differently; people form an opinion of a film before they see it, with the finished product itself having no impact on what they view on it. It's the sort of thing that would drive The Merovingian insane.

This is where a fan-boy mentality comes from, with audiences fully prepared to overlook whatever a films flaws may be out of unconditional love for a property. But on the other side of the coin is people who go into a film already hating it. At least when people say they dislike The Dark Knight Rises or Man Of Steel, two films released with high levels of optimism, they've reached their conclusion by objectively watching the film. They may be wrong (about The Dark Knight Rises - Man Of Steel was utter tripe), but at least they've seen the film.

Today we're going to look at ten films that people hated without even bothering to buy a ticket.

Was it unjust hate or did the movie really end up that bad...


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