10 Movies You Have To Watch TWICE To Understand

From Joker to Donnie Darko, here are some movies that you'll definitely need to re-watch!

Jess The Triangle
Icon Film Distribution

Of course, we all have different tastes in movies. Some of us can’t resist the latest sappy romantic comedy, while others are only in the market for the grimmest, goriest horror flicks they can get their hands on. A deep and complex thriller or a silly Beavis and Butthead-esque comedy? It’s completely up to you. There’s a genre for everybody.

Within that, of course, there’s a mood for everybody as well. If action movies are your thing, sometimes you just want to leave your brain at the door and watch as Arnold Schwarzenegger mows his way through whoever’s offended him this time around. No thought required, just delightfully wooden one-liners and bullets-amundo. Other times, you want something a little more abstract and thought provoking.

There are some movies that you just can’t get a solid handle on the first time you see them. Maybe they’re just totally out there. Maybe their ending completely changes the way you see the film’s events, and you’ve got to watch it all again in light of it. Maybe they’re just darn weird and unexpected. These are the sorts of movies that have made this list. Watch out, though, we’re going to spoil some of them!


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