10 Movies You Need To Watch In 4K

9. Ready Player One

Ready Player One
Warner Bros.

Given that Ready Player One's plot and characters aren't up to all that much, it's fair to call Steven Spielberg's latest a visual feast first and foremost.

Despite the often exhausting amount of detail on the screen, this is an absolute joy to behold in 4K, if only because the added detail makes it easier to pick out the more slyly hidden cameos and Easter eggs.

The live-action scenes naturally don't pop anywhere near as much as those set inside the digital expanse of the Oasis, though this is clearly by Spielberg's mandate, to ensure the Oasis scenes feel as vibrant and eye-popping as possible. The effect feels decidedly more amplified thanks to the enormous benefits of HDR.

Even if you're relatively lukewarm on the movie itself, it's a fantastic way to show off your swanky new TV.


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