10 Movies You Were Shocked To See Didn’t Totally Suck

When low expectations meet quality filmmaking.

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Hollywood is predictable enough that most film fans can see a stinker coming from a mile off, because even if a bad premise and duff cast don't make it clear, that inevitably horrible first trailer surely will.

But occasionally a movie everyone assumed would suck actually defies expectations to deliver a genuinely great time.

After all, studios often market their films to the lowest common denominator possible for maximum profit, ignoring that the final film is actually smart and well-made.

These 10 films all arrived on a tidal wave of indifference if not outright disdain from audiences, with basement-low expectations from most, only for the end result to range from pretty good to genuinely quite excellent.

If nothing else, they're all apt reminders that, no matter how easy it might seem to pick a dud, films shouldn't always be judged entirely on the merits - or lack thereof - of their marketing.

Who knows? Perhaps Cats might end up being really great. Stranger things have happened...


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