10 Movies You Won’t Believe Are Turning 20 In 2021

Donnie Darko, Lord Of The Rings, Fast & Furious and more turn 20!

Frank the Bunny Donnie Darko
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Rewind back to twenty years ago and the entertainment industry was on the verge of breaking the mould. The decade of the noughties was truly a revolution for cinema - computer animation was overtaking the hand drawn form, Hollywood Epics were becoming even more grand thanks to the advancements in technology and staging, movie musicals made a full comeback and many of our favourite novels were finally being adapted into awesome films.

It gave us an amazing set of movies, all varying in art style and direction, and there was always something for everyone. Perhaps they were one of your childhood favourites or maybe it was a film which got you invested in a certain genre or franchise. However, it becomes a bit surprising when you realise the movies of 2001 are hitting their twentieth anniversary this year!

From fantasy to action, from animation to romance, it’s time to refresh our memories (and feel a bit older) as we relive all the best movies that are now turning twenty years old.

10. Mulholland Drive

Frank the Bunny Donnie Darko

Sometimes dubbed as “Lynchian”, David Lynch has created his own unique genre of cinema by mastering the craft of surrealism and dream imagery. From Eraserhead to Blue Velvet, every one of his films has been a brilliant showcasing of harrowing storytelling and disturbing visuals, leaving his mark on the industry of film forever.

And Mulholland Drive is often regarded as the crown jewel of Lynch’s directorial career. Originally the failed pilot for a television series, David salvaged the project to create a raw look into the society of LA. With terrific acting performances and an evocatively moody atmosphere, Mulholland Drive felt like a collaboration of all best aspects of Lynch’s previous works.


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