10 Must-See Comedy Horror Films For Halloween

Need a little comic relief with your horror this Halloween?

Halloween is fast approaching and no doubt at some point you'll want to kick back, turn off the lights and watch a scary film or two. And you certainly won't be short of films to choose from. From psychological horrors, to zombie films, to slasher flicks, the genre is a rich and diverse smorgasbord of cinematic creations designed with the sole intention of scaring the living sh*t out of you. But what if you like a few laughs with your scares? What if a horror film is just a little too intense for you without the occasional chuckle to take the edge off? Maybe you just appreciate a bit of satire with your gore. Whatever the reason, comedy horror has become a genre within its own right over the years and it comprises thousands of films embracing the unusual mixture of laughter and fear. It can be a tricky one to pull off. The whole concept of a funny horror film is kind of a strange one when you think about it. The two genres seem incompatible; how can you be scared if you're laughing? And how can you be expected to laugh if you're getting ready to soil yourself? Each of the films on this list blend the laughs and scares a little differently, but all are shining examples of how well the two can work together.
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