10 Must-See Fan Documentaries About The People Who Matter Most

We see thousands of documentaries about the stars, but when the cameras are reversed it's something just as equally enthralling.

When it comes to documentaries about movies there are literally hundreds to choose from - in-depth 'Making Of' features which take us behind the scenes, retrospective pieces which focus on cinema's icons with talking heads gushing praise, and interviews with and about the great actors and directors of our time. From silent classics to modern masterpieces, the movies and their creators have featured in countless documentaries, with virtually no stone left unturned. Some franchises earn billions at the box office and much more besides in terms of home media sales and merchandising. They become cultural phenomenons, etched in the minds of public; modern mythologies which speak to something perhaps as timeless as the epic tales of ancient Greece. And yet, the people who make this happen are under-represented in the world of the documentary - without the fans who flock to the cinema and collect the toys, books and other paraphernalia this multi-billion dollar industry would never exist. The following documentaries more than make up for this apparent oversight - they take us into the world of fandom, from the hardcore video gamers who dedicate their lives to mastering classic arcade games to achieve the world's best ranking to the passionate followers of some of the most popular franchises around today. These are documentaries about the people who truly matter the most - the fans.

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