10 Mythical Deleted Movie Scenes We'll Probably Never Get To See

10. E.T. Dresses Up Smart & Admires Elliot's Mother Whilst She Sleeps - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


There have been a number of deleted scenes from E.T. that have been released to the public, either as part of the 20th Anniversary DVD edition of the film or leaked onto the internet. The scene, for instance, where E.T. is taking a bath was released as a DVD extra, while others - like the infamous scene with Harrison Ford acts as a stern principle whist E.T. levitates Elliott on a chair before falling down some stairs - have made their way onto YouTube. But one scene, from which we've seen black and white production photographs, still remains hidden somewhere. The scene in question shows E.T. as he dresses up in a checkered jacket and bow tie, makes his way into Elliot's mother room (she's asleep half-naked, by the way), and leaves her a handful of Reeces Pieces as a love-offering. Due to the sexual nature of the clip (the prime reason for its removal), it's unlikely that it will be released as a special feature on a future release anytime soon. It should probably also be noted that, while she is half-naked, she's sleeping face down, so there's no boob action (for all you deviants out there).

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