10 Netflix Original Sci-Fi Movies You Need To See

From an infected Martin Freeman to a blindfolded Sandra Bullock, these movies are must-see.

IO Last On Earth

The sci-fi genre is not one that has gone unnoticed in cinema. Some of the most successful films to ever exist were big budget sci-fi epics. Some of the most classic and beloved movies from the 1970s and '80s are genre-defining sci-fi movies. But what about the movies that never made it to the box office?

Netflix has produced a vast roster of their own Original content since 2015, but their sci-fi selection has always been a bit lacking. There are too many stereotypical movies that haven't done very well, either because of poor marketing or because they were outright terrible.

Despite a mass of dreadful sci-fi movies, Netflix has still hit some out of the park and delivered truly incredible pictures that should rival the best of the genre. The movies on this list hid away interesting concepts and brilliant performances that a lot of audiences have never seen or even heard about. There may be dozens of sci-fi films cluttering up the suggestions, but don't let those stop you from diving into these.

10. What Happened To Monday

IO Last On Earth

What Happened to Monday was one of Netflix's most underappreciated sci-fi movies. Set in a world where all families are only allowed one child, a group of identical septuplets must evade the governments control and not reveal themselves to the world. But when one of them goes missing, the rest must fight to save their sibling.

Each septuplet is named after a day of the week and all pose as the same person, only ever leaving the house on their namesake day. Noomi Rapace plays all seven siblings and shines in one of her greatest performances. Willem Defoe plays their despondent grandfather, keeping the difficult siblings in line and training them in their younger years.

Each sister is individual and unique to the point that a viewer can forget that is just one actress. The personalities and relationships built can remind everyone of dealing with a difficult sister but all enveloped in a unique dystopian world.

With excellent action sequences, an interesting concept and a stellar supporting cast, What Happened To Monday is a thrilling dystopian that Netflix has kept hidden away in their vast library.

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