10 New Year's Resolutions For 2013's Biggest Movie Characters

Stop drinking, change jobs, be a better person... All to be forgotten by January 6th.

It's that time of year again, when the alcohol fuelled festivities of the tail-end of December give way to the familiar pangs of self-loathing and regret that inevitably lead to grandiose promises of reform and resolutions that will burst like bubbles in a stiff breeze before the end of the first week of January is done. So with New Year's Eve and Day - those most duplicitous of holiday days (when once-a-year debauchery is replaced very quickly with resolute moans of "never again!") - out of the way, it's time to draw up that list of unrealistic life fixes you won't get round to. But what if movie characters did the same thing? They're as flawed if not more so than the rest of us and it would be nice for once if they realised it. Since they seem unlikely to get round to it by themselves I've taken it upon myself to construct a list of ten New Year's resolutions for some well-known characters. Spanning genres and gender I've created some ways in which these beloved if imperfect individuals should be looking to better themselves. You may be giving up smoking, drinking or striving to eat less but some of these characters need to change more important aspects of their lives. Join me as I cast a judgmental yet caring eye on them and set out to right them where they continue to go wrong. I'll be keeping them limited but beware of SPOILERS.

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