10 Notable Movies Featuring (Mostly) One Actor

moon-poster1-header Given that most stories that find themselves hurled onto the big screen nowadays can only be realised using gargantuan casts made up of what often feels like a zillion actors and extras, it's occasionally refreshing to find a movie with just a few key players driving the narrative, lacking the excess of a star-studded ensemble, or a flick that relies on dozens of secondary parts for delivering exposition or simply adding a few minutes to the running time. When you get a movie driven by just a few actors, then, it regularly feels like a treat: you really get a chance to watch these people acting, and - given the smaller scope - the movie will almost always develop the characters in ways that bigger movies are often forced to sacrifice. Which brings us to those rare films featuring just one actor. It's safe to say that it doesn't happen very often, and there are lots of reasons as to why. Simply put, though... it's really hard to create drama and conflict without two people. In the cases of the 10 movies I've assembled for inclusion on this list, though, each and every one sunk or sum by way of the skills of (for the most part) only one actor. Though there may be the occasional line of dialogue or exposition from somebody else, these movies are all the result of a singular person dominating the majority of a movie's screentime. The big question is, of courseĀ€ did they manage to pull it off?

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