10 Obscure Movie Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

These cheeky in-jokes went right over your head.

Toy Sot

Who doesn't love a good easter egg? Not the over-sized, foil-wrapped chocolates, but little in-jokes hidden in the background of films. Nothing improves an already great movie more than discovering that the film-makers have hidden all manner of little winks to the fans for eagle eyed viewers to pick up on.

The problem is that with the internet making discovering these incredibly easy, sometimes the coolest easter eggs can become a bit tired. We all know there's a poster for a Batman-Superman movie in I Am Legend and you're in the minority if you haven't spotted the Pizza Planet Truck in every Pixar film (bar The Incredibles for some reason). Some easter eggs even become entire movies. A whole sub-franchise was created around a xenomorph skull popping up in Predator 2 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be put in dire peril come Avengers 3 by the Infinity Gauntlet, something seen in the background of Thor for a couple of seconds.

This article takes a look at the more obscure easter eggs out there. Ones that require a bit of extra reading to fully appreciate or are so hidden it'll take multiple viewings to finally spot. If you've picked up on any of these yourself then very well done.

10. Rhodey's Iron Man Ringtone - Iron Man

Iron Man Phone

Although it was certainly the most high profile, Robert Downey Jr.'s take on Tony Stark wasn't the first appearance of Iron Man outside of comics. Unanimously on the small screen, he's popped up in various cartoons over the years, the earliest of which was as a segment on The Marvel Super Heroes, the company's very first TV show.

Boasting classic sixties animation, it's all a bit of silly fun, although it does have a pretty cool theme tune. It's not quite "does whatever a spider can", but it's still pretty catchy.

Although it was forging forward, Jon Favreau's Iron Man still gave itself time to nod to the character's history, with that theme tune making a very slight cameo. After destroying the terrorists' weapons, Ol' Shellhead gets the attention of the US military, trying to get good pal and future-War Machine James Rhodes to cool the whole thing down. And what's Rhodey's ring tone but a version of that hummable tune.

It's one for the serious fans of the Golden Avenger, but goes to show not everything in the film was setting up the MCU.


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