10 Obscure Movie Secrets That Took Years To Discover

Clearly, the dinosaurs were just too distracting...

Jurassic Park Goonies

You'd think that artists would want their audience to be able to appreciate everything they consciously put into theeir art, but film-makers are a rare breed who seem to delight in playing hide and seek with their fans. Why else would they hide Easter Eggs, plot hints and other subliminal messages in their movies so much?

Obviously, the intent is for fans to find them, but sometimes, film-makers get away with hiding things in their movies that legitimately take years to find. Just ask James Gunn, who has thus far managed to keep one "huge" Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg hidden away despite it being the subject of furious attention by enthusiastic MCU fans.

And he's not the only one, given how many great references, gags and secets were successfully hidden in movies for years (and sometimes decades). It seems no matter how many times you watch something, you aren't always guaranteed to see everything...

10. The Button - Gremlins

Gremlins Poster Button
Amblin Entertainment

You'd think that a poster for as classic movie as universally adored as Gremlins would have been seen enough times over the years that nothing could have remained hidden on it. But you'd be wrong, because it took an incredible amount of time for anyone to notice the affectionate little Easter Egg that the artist sneaked in.

Admittedly, it takes some finding, because of its tiny size, but if you look closely (as Slash Film did eventually), you'll notice that the button holding up the jeans worn by the unseen figure holding Gizmo in a box carry the iconic Amblin symbol. That silhouette was obviously a tribute to E.T. with Elliot and the alien flying across the night sky and is included on the poster as a nod to Gremlins executive producer Steven Spielberg.

Stunningly, it took until the film's 30th anniversary year for anyone to notice.


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