10 Obscure Sci-Fi Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Don't expect to see any lightsabers in these flicks!

Ink 2009
Double Edge Films

Some people look at science fiction as a niche genre full of silly robots, laser guns, and space battles. But if they think that's all it is, then they're not looking hard enough, as Science fiction is a luscious boiling pot of storytelling potential. The scope to create something audiences have never seen before is abundant, mainly thanks to the amount of crossover it can have with other genres.

Of course, one of the best alternate genres to see Sci-Fi dip its toes into is horror, as the idea of cosmic fear, aliens and twisted science can leave you wanting to buy a nightlight. The crossover of these storytelling mediums has led to some of the best films in both genres, such as Alien, Event Horizon, The Thing, 28 Days Later and more.

Still, the roster of films that make up sci-fi horror is truly expansive, and thus, it's easy for a couple to slip by unnoticed. But, just because they didn't garner the attention as they deserve does not mean they aren't worthy of your time.

If you're a fan of the spookier side of science fiction, then you'll love some of these obscure flicks.

10. Bad Taste

Ink 2009
WingNut Films

Looking back at the first movie made by one of your favourite filmmakers can be a lot of fun, but for fans of the summer blockbuster director Peter Jackson, they might end up feeling a little disoriented if they aren't prepared. While he's known now for creating wild and lavish worlds, Jackson started in the twisted world of splatter movies, and his first feature-length project was this crazy Sci-Fi flick.

The movie follows four members of the Astro Investigation and Defence Service (AIDS - how very tasteful) as they investigate a town where all the civilians have been replaced by maniacal aliens who are reaping human flesh for their intergalactic fast-food chain. From there, it becomes a simple us vs them movie full of violence, bloodshed and a tonne of practical effects.

Bad Taste had a tiny budget, and thus all of the visuals have a perfect B-movie vibe, but with the cinematic eye of Jackson. It was clear that he was going places, as this flick makes up for its cheapness wherever it can, by playing to the grossness of the gore and going as over-the-top as possible - the genre is called splatter for a reason.

Its a great experience if you want something that lovingly subverts the sci-fi genre by filling it full of profanity and, well, bad taste.


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