10 Obscure Superheroes That Badly Need A Movie Treatment

10. Iron Fist

Thanks to his inclusion in the fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the Immortal Iron Fist has taken a big step towards escaping obscurity and getting closer to signing that multiple picture contract every superhero wishes for. And the world certainly could use an Iron Fist movie if for one reason only: the return of the kung-fu flick. The RZA's upcoming The Man with the Iron Fists (...hey, wait a second. Something smells fishy...) looks to be the first decent martial arts picture made by Western filmmakers since The Matrix, and Iron Fist is the perfect character to utilize for a good old fashioned chop-socky adventure. If you could get a great fight choreographer (someone call the guys who made Ip Man and The Raid) to stage some classic karate bouts, Iron Fist could make his mark as the premier martial arts superhero. And it doesn't hurt that he's an interesting character behind the bandana as well! Just go read the Ed Brubaker/Matt Fraction run of The Immortal Iron Fist and you'll see that there's a character who could definitely stand toe-to-toe with any of the current Avengers movieverse lineup both in terms of action appeal and character.
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