10 Obvious Expendables 4 Castings That Need To Happen

8. Michelle Rodriguez

Expendables 4 Jackie Chan
20th Century Studios

One thing that The Expendables could really benefit from is adding more women to the cast.

Sure, the movies have some names like Ronda Rousey and Nan Yu involved (and Megan Fox confirmed for 4), but, surprisingly, they haven't delved into the well of respected female action stars. If they're looking for an excellent place to start, then they'd better contact Michelle Rodriguez.

This decorated actor is known for her rough demeanour and badass manner of speaking. She comes across effortlessly as someone who can have fun but not the kind of person you'd ever want to mess with unless you're looking for a broken nose, which is why she'd fit here like a glove.

Now, Rodriguez has said before that she doesn't believe she's done enough action films to fit into the cast. It's likely that general audiences would beg to differ though, as some of her most noteworthy roles have become iconic in the genre, especially in the Fast and The Furious franchise.


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