10 Oscar Recognised Movie Roles Actors Regret

These talented actors all definitely feel regret over their Oscar recognised roles.

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For better or worse, the top of the mountain for many a performer stepping out into the business of show is to walk onto that glamorous stage in front of all their peers and lift a shiny gold man high above the air. But for all the glory and acclaim that comes with picking up an Academy Award gong for a challenging and/or unfiltered performance, the spotlight that comes with this triumph isn't always for the best.

As time rolls by, a surprising amount of thespians have taken a moment to reassess the work that often catapulted them into superstardom, only to come to the conclusion that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to bring certain moments or even entire characters to life for the world to see.

As always, hindsight is 20/20 in this sort of situation, but if given the opportunity to go back and change or discard these Oscar recognised roles you bet your ass these actors would jump at the chance.

From admitting that certain parts were a mistake, to now recoiling at jokes their characters uttered on the big screen, these actors all feel varying degrees of regret over their Oscar-contender portrayals.

10. Elliot Page - Juno

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With his starring turn as the titular pregnant teen in 2007's Juno largely putting Elliot Page on the mainstream map, you'd be forgiven for assuming that the powerhouse performer had very few things to regret about the whole experience.

However, as the years have passed by since his Oscar nominated portrayal first hit screens, Page has expressed their disappointment at a joke his character uttered over the course of the flick. With Page coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community later down the line, Juno stating that the name "Madison" sounds "a little gay" for her child has become a moment that he admits feels homophobic and problematic upon a rewatch.

Going further, Page told Bustle a few years ago:

"It wasn’t something I totally registered at the time, but, of course, now that I’m older I do. So many movies I loved as a kid are just rampant with homophobia and transphobia and biphobia, and I’m not excusing it by any means."

And when the star was brought back to do a script reading of the film for Planned Parenthood, Page made a point of missing out that line altogether.


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