10 Oscar Winning Performances That Are Actually Terrible

Razzie-worthy, more like.

Sandra Bullock The Blind Side
Warner Bros.

The Academy Awards are supposed to be a showcase for the very best acting that Hollywood has to offer, but of course, every year a number of terrific performances are snubbed because they don't conform to the institution's nebulous tastes.

But sometimes, things go the other way, and the Academy goes gaga for a performance that's...just not very good. These 10 performances, though widely feted during the year of their release, are surely among the worst to ever end up winning a gold statue.

From absurdly hammy, laughably over-the-top turns to badly-aged, low-effort career wins and lazy performances that feel totally antithetical to the idea of the Oscars, these award-winning efforts are a major strike against the Academy's overall credibility.

It gets even worse when you consider that, in many cases, there were other, far more deserving nominees up for the award. And no matter what popular opinion says of the performances these days, there's no taking that little gold guy away from the actors in question...


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