10 Outrageous Ways Movie Directors Got Performances Out Of Actors

9. Nicholas Hoult Was Told To Do His Best "Stewie" - X-Men: First Class

20th Century Fox

It may not have technically been a piece of direction that directly played into what ultimately landed on our screens, but there's no denying that the note Matthew Vaughn threw at Nicholas Hoult during his audition for the role of Beast in X-Men: First Class definitely sits as one of the most peculiar you'll ever stumble upon.

As the Hank McCoy actor would confess a little later down the road to GQ, his eventual director initially asked him to read the part of Beast with an American accent. A pretty understandable request given McCoy is usually depicted as being from the states.

Then things got odd.

Before long, Hoult was being nudged to perform his lines in the style of Family Guy's Stewie Griffin in one of his tapes for the part. Being a big fan of the cheeky animated show growing up, though, Hoult admitted to having "a pretty good impression of Stewie Griffin lined up".

And sure enough, one full take as Stewie McCoy later, Hoult was eventually landed on as the next big blue within the prequel X-Men universe.

Now just imagine that corner of the multi-verse...


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