10 Outstanding Adopted Movie Families

9. The Terminal

9_the terminal

This movie explores the world-in-a-box idea. In The Terminal, the airport is a self-sufficient society where everyone has a role. When Tom Hanks€™s Viktor Navorski becomes stuck in that world between the lines, he finds niches for himself over an extended period of time that make him more than a colleague or friend to those around him€”the bonds within the airport transcend even immigration laws. They are a family to one another. But it€™s not just because it€™s supposed to be; it feels honest, because many characters actually convey distinct relationships with each other that intersect and effect different subplots in important ways. Indeed, the movie is more focused on character than on plot, since the whole thing is about being delayed, and it allows for great opportunities to bring the characters together on more than a surface level, which is why the movie works in this case. It may not be the most original combinations of elements in the world, but it€™s a good inspiration for exploring a screenplay€™s potential.

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