10 Outstanding Documentaries About Subcultures

9. Darkon

Darkon2 Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel's film Darkon (2006) looks at a popular LARP (Live Action Role-Playing Game) community in Baltimore, Maryland whose game is centered in the mythical place of Darkon. In the world of Darkon, players create characters, participate in mock battles, and strategize about the conquest of territories. What works quite well is the directors' choice to tell much of the story through the in-game conflicts of Skip Lipman ("Bannor") and Kenyon Wells ("Keldar"). Interspersed with the many battle scenes are interviews with Lipman, Wells, and other major players. These interviews are especially important in the film as they highlight (much like Nygard's Trekkies films) the seriousness of the game and its players€”ultimately highlighting that there is much more at stake to the game than the characters and their battles. We might call such games forms of "deep play" as they appear ridiculous on the surface but have much greater stakes beneath.
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